ZERO+ Anti-icer Nozzle Kit (Adjustment Muzzle Speed) For WE

Still worry about high joules output from GBB, and being banned from CQB game-play? Don’t worry!!!

POSEIDON Anti-Icer Nozzle Kits PLUS series will be your savior.

Three screws on the nozzle head apt muzzle velocity to regulatory, weather, and BB’s weight.

Poseidon’s solution is the most convenient, stable, and intuitive design through 3 screws. The self-lubricant and ultra tolerance of Teflon® part provides the smooth out put!

The Best Choice for WE GBBRs with low muzzle speed in

● ZERO1+ For WE M4 / M16 / XM177 / M653 / T91 / HK416 / ACR





ALPHA+ Anti-icer Nozzle Kit (Adjustment Muzzle Speed) For VFC

➤ Overall nylon and fiber reinforced material

➤ Brand new design of the position of entering BBs, darts, and pistons, showing the design concept of Poseidon GBB antifreeze.

➤ Implanted Poseidon patent ice pick, ice-breaker, powerful springs, let GBB rifle shooting stably.

➤ Adjustable design, the initial speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the way of adjustment is simplified.

  The initial speed adjustment ratio is nearly 60% (Valve unlocking and blocking status)

➤ With the VFC VMAG high-performance magazine, it will have better anti-freeze performance!

Your GBB rifle will also operate normally at low temperatures and low pressures.

Combined with the above advantages, players who use Poseidon or VFC GBB can enjoy a more realistic and smooth shooting experience when they playing.

Note: Only available for VFC / UMAREX GBB rifle versions after 2016

ALPHA 01+ for VFC / UMAREX GBB Rifle (after 2016 only) M4(AR) / VR16 and HK416 series