Ice Pick Gbb Flute Valve System Evolution

➤ Brand new Ice Pick Evolution.

➤ The design of the bottom slot increases the power of low-pressure gas.

➤ The four blades and the middle opening design allow GBB to operate normally at low temperatures.

➤ It uses a larger outer diameter spring for more stable performance.

➤ Made by aluminum alloy CNC process, anodize, and laser engraving surface treatment.



Ice Pick GBB Flute Valve System

➤ Poseidon Ice Pick series is made by Aluminum CNC process.

➤ The central hollow design can stabilize the airflow output and make fully and effectivly use of the gas.

➤ The four blade design can solve the problem of frost sticking caused by low temperature in the nozzle.

➤ Make GBBs can work normally at low temperature.

● Ice Pick (Golden) – It is apply to WE/TM systems and O-ring is applicable to P226 / M9 / M&P9 / XDM. Increase 10% of muzzle velocity in fifteen degrees Celsius or more than Ice Pick Red.

● Ice Pick (Purple) – For Tokyo Marui MWS Only.

● Ice Pick Repair Kit – Provides two springs and an O-ring for service.